A leading institution in the field of human resource development and young women competency rehabilitation in line with development programs and the promotion of a knowledge-based society in Saudi Arabia .The Centre was established to prepare administrative leader of distinguished and creative Saudi minds and who have sufficient needed abilities for managing different developmental processes to cope with the challenges of national formation and future aspirations.


Our Mission:

Prepare a pioneering qualified generation that has the tools for self-leadership and future making through preparing Saudi girl economically, culturally and cognitively. 


Our goals :

1. Prepare pioneering leaders in various fields to reach highest degrees of creativity and excellence.
2. Develop leadership intellect in young women and make them aware of local and global issues.
3. spread leadership culture, and collaborative volunteering work.
4. Build leading personalities that can pioneer.


Our Task:

1. Help girls acquire leadership and management skills by providing advanced programs in leadership. 
2. Organize forums, seminars, and lectures within a leadership framework.
3. Highlight successful models of young girls and women leaders to emphasize their achievements.
4. Enable young women to exercise their leadership skills in various fields.
5. Build bridges of cooperation with similar institutions and communicate with people of experience.

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