About the Center

Princess Jawaher bint Nayef Center for Women Studies and Research A pioneering entity in the study of women's issues and developing plans to which they relate. The Centre was established with the consent of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Fahd bin Abdulaziz, Governor of the Eastern Province under the  Management , of Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Fund for Women Development due to its role in the empowerment of Saudi women and to drive women to participate in the development movement in Saudi Arabia .


Our Mission:  

Make progress in the status of Saudi women through studying and monitoring her  role and contributions in all fields.


Our goals:

1.Study the veracity of women in all fields and participate in proposing solutions to her problems      and propose a public policy for it.
2. Gather all the data, statistics and information on women and classifying it  to becomes a key source for fundamental studies on women's issues.
3. Build bridges of cooperation within and outside the Kingdom with institutions and universities regarding what matter to women issues.


Our Task:

1. Hold strategic studies and research concerned with women's issues along with encouraging individual and collective research initiatives.  

2.  Promote the collection of research and studies related to women's affairs in the Kingdom, Arab world, and the globe, along with its translation to form the basis of a women affairs specialized library
3. Create an integrated information system on women's issues and link it with similar networks       nationally and abroad.
4. Publish an ongoing specialized periodic newsletter.
5. Organize training programs and courses in areas that serve women, and workshops to   discuss and research women status to benefit from the results.
6. Cooperate with universities and scientific centers specializing in studies, to exchange documents.
7.  Hold and participate  in seminars and conferences related to women.

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