The Female Entrepreneurs Committee is considered a supporting committee
 for  small and medium sized enterprises that have been financed by the  Fund
 in addition to, exiting ones in the market. The idea behind the committee is to present positive and negative experiences that the small businesses go throughto learn and benefit from. Moreover, the committee reaches start ups to help in developing it


The Mission:

Participate in the empowerment women of her business and providing technical support through exchange of experiences.

The Goals :

1.Meeting with Pioneering projects on a regular basis and knowing their new enterprises.
2. Attract new projects to The Fund start-ups and work to develop
3. Find a positive competitive environment among businesses.
4. Encourage entrepreneurs to share their experiences among each other.
5. Find innovative solutions to the problems projects faced from the very beginning to allow its growth.
6. Educate Saudi women in the business world by exposing her to the practical experiences.

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