Prince Sultan Fund Projects Award for Excellence

The award is presented as a support for the entrepreneur who's project is  by Prince Sultan Fund for its  her efforts in economic development and in recognition of her ambition and valuing her role trade and in the world of business in the region. It is an annual award given to the best project supported by the Fund and that holds to distinct in quality and performance throughout the year.


The Mission:

Empower Saudi female entrepreneurs achieve excellence and quality in  here field.


The goals :

1.Encourage pioneers and outstanding projects and  highlight their businesses.
2. Find a positive and competitive environment to stimulate the new projects.
3 . Improve  Funded projects in terms of ideas, quality and performance.
4. Diffusing  a culture of excellence and innovation in various business fields.


Winners of Projects Excellence Award for 2011

Ms. Anwar Almomen
Owner of The Golden Lens Studio for Women
Competition conditions.


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