The Excellence Annual Award for Saudi Women


This award comes to reward creativity, excellence, and ambition that characterizes Saudi women . Each year, the event is held to honor outstanding Saudi women in various fields, such as education, economy, media, social services, youth leadership, and other. All of this to motivate and encourage them to focus on innovation and excellence, in addition to  defining her productivity and highlighting the most talented women, and to urged them to activate and enhance their role.


The Award’s Message:

Strengthen the prominent statues for  Saudi women and support her innovation and excellence .


The Award goals:

This award was established to achieve a number of high goals:

      1. Urge Saudi women to embrace innovation and excellence in all aspects of life .
      2. Highlight and demonstrate the success of Saudi women by introducing her and female talents in the fields of scientific, economic, social, and  media productions;  and to motivate her to prove her effective role in the Saudi society.
      3. Encourage Saudi women to have an initiative and entrepreneurship spirit by effective production and community participation to build the nation hand in hand.

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