psfw-SHOPSIt is the first non-profitable business incubator for women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that works to on createing  the right  place to support and adopt the ideas and proposals of  women entrepreneurs that involves creativity and ambition and that will establish and develop production and service based  projects. The incubators are unique for it feature of providing flexible spaces of offices or workshops including all the material needed such as  office supplies and equipment, among what financially suits the entrepreneur,   in addition to providing accounting services and legal advice all leading to the growth of the project and increased chances of success.

This center of business incubators is the first in the Eastern .The incubators embrace entrepreneurs  who are led by ambition and aspiration for success .providing them with the appropriate environment to support their creative ideas, and feasibility studies in all their enterprises it being production or services.
The center includes a flexible space leased to entrepreneurs at nominal prices to encourage them. these spaces ranges from offices, to workshops, and ending with stationary tools and equipment, with an office-based participation (joint office). The incubators are not only limited to these service, but it goes beyond to provide legal advice and accounting services.


Incubator’s Goals :

The incubators have an insightful vision and goals looking to achieve them by embracing  female entrepreneurs. These goals were and remain a source of inspiration for us in our deep faith to continue:

1. Raise the rates and chances of success for the promising projects by Saudi female entrepreneurs.
2.  Contribute in achieving a supporting and favorable environment suitable for work, especially in the first critical years of the project.
3.  Link small-scale industries to with each other and establish strong connection between them.
4.  Present positive outcomes for the society through strong capable businesses that are able to develop and grow in the future.

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